Carbonflo - Fuel Catalyst Technology

Carbonflo, the fuel catalyst technology company, is being supported by the UK Government to help create new routes to market in the United Kingdom through the Business Growth Service & their Leadership & Management Programme.


Carbonflo is fuel catalyst technology that makes fuel burn more efficiently for cleaner-running engines with less pollution, better economy, and further benefits besides.

Furthermore it is inexpensive, it lasts for years, and it comes complete with full one-year total satisfaction money-back guarantee. 


The Company are working together with The Business Guru to get Leadership Training covering the following areas:

Marketing strategy – How to develop a robust marketing strategy for Carbonflo

Digital marketing – a introduction to online marketing
Brand management – How to position Carbonflo to have maximum impact upon sales
Sales management – Building up sales to newly defined markets

Social Media Marketing including...
-   Understanding the plethora of social media available and how people are using it. 
-   Facebook – Building an effective Facebook communication strategy
-   Twitter – Building an effective Twitter communications strategy. 
-   Google + - Building an effective Google + communications strategy
-   Linkedin – Building an effective Linkedin communications strategy


The intended outcomes of the training will be to help the business owner to engage with new target markets effectively in order to grow his business, and to help give the business a thorough understanding as to how their target audience is using social media. From this they will be able to build effective communication strategies in order to build awareness of their service and products in order to help them build sales in the future across a variety of social media platforms.

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