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Tim Akast already had a furniture making business based in a rented space in a workshop in Buckfastleigh, however he decided to take the plunge and, in May this year, he started in his own business in Totnes, Devon. Investing heavily in state of the art woodworking machinery in a much larger space where he was able to produce even better quality work. Tim is a classically trained craftsman and he asked for our help to help get his new business more widely recognised and to start to generate some sales leads and work for him.


The first thing we did was to design and create a new, strong, website for the business; During the process of creating a website for him we needed to create a logo for the business, we wanted the logo and the website to synergise with Tim's existing business website


We began our relationship marketing programme communicate the new opening with the key specifiers; architects and builders in South Devon. We compiled a list of contacts, designed the new stationery for the two businesses, and sent out a well worded letter to over 200 builders and architects.


We also put started a blog on the website showing off all the latest work from the company and put in place some search engine optimisation tricks to help the website appear high up on the search engine's listings


We also created a Twitter, Google+ and facebook page account for the company.


How did we do?

The Website  -

The website draws colours and designs from Tim's original website, it is simple to navigate, and highlights the offering of the company and an introduction to the ethos of Tim and his company. It is put together in such a way that it is easy to upload new work. 


The logo
We designed the logo to synergise with Tim's existing logo, using the four leaf clover design, however we created the black banner so both logos would look similar when placed side by side and could be used for letterheads and signage etc.


Relationship Marketing
We sent out over 200 letters to architects branded The Furniture Maker and buiders branded South Devon Joinery. So far we have had positive feedback and have priced up two large pieces of work on the back of it. A response rate of 1% hich is unheard of in post direct mailing campaigns.


Social Media & Website Maintenance
We are constantly active on Twitter, facebook and Google+ highlighting our latest work which we demonstrate on our blog as well as making new friends and contacts for the future.


Search Engine Optimisation
We have used our tricks to help website become more visible and better regarded by the search engines. But don't take my word for it type in 'Joinery Businesses in South Devon' in Google and see the results!


The view of the client

Tim Akast, owner of South Devon Joinery said: "Setting up your own business can very a stressful time, there is always too much to do, and lots of money at stake, both in terms of investment in machinery, people and rental of the premises. This is before we have got any work coming in!


Angus helped take a weight off my mind. I could leave the marketing side to him while I concentrated on setting up the workshop and making the orders that we already had. He created our website, wrote the mail out, designed the letterhead, carried out the search engine optimisation, and tweets, facebooks and all that social media stuff that I don't really get! It is still early days, but so far, I am really happy with the results we have managed to achieve together." 

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